VitaMAX is a high concentration additive and nutritive to strengthen health, tolerance against stress and pathogen of aquatic fries. The formula consists essential nutrition to induce development of intestinal villi and moderate pH in the digestive system of delicate larvae. This effectively improve protein utilization and restrain growth of unfriendly bacteria.

VitaMAX as a supplementary diet helps to produce robust shrimp fries that are highly resistant against temperature and salinity variation stress. Prior to PL harvest and, VitaMAX can be added to larval tanks to strengthen the tolerance against stress that occurs during transportation to maintain survival rate in newly stocked ponds.


VitaMAX is highly water soluble and can be dissolved in water to top dress onto dry growout pellets to improve animal health. VitaMAX is a suitable top dressing additive with AbSoft for fish juvenile rearing.
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