Hirame Fish Feed

High protein floating fish grower feedhirame_pdtphoto

Hirame fish feed is formulated to contain premium quality ingredients and process by revolutionary extrusion technology. Hirame is high in dietary marine based protein and lipid classes to accelerate growth of extensive marine fish species. Hirame fish feed is: 

  • highly attractive in low water temperature conditions with key ingredients primarily from marine sources and is completely Land Animal Protein (LAP) free
  • very water stable to minimize nutritional leach for easier water quality management
  • nutritionally balanced to maximize growth and survival performance.
  • high in omega 3 HUFA to reduce fish deformity
  • high in digestible energy to satisfy marine fishes energy requirement

Grouper, Flounder, Turbot, Seabass, Seabream, Tiger puffer and extensive marine fish species

More Information

More nutritional spec and feeding suggestion may be updated regularly and are available for collection via email or contact your nearest dealer or sales representative