Lucky Star Mash feed

Lucky Star Mash feed is developed to focus in feed digestion and attraction. The high attraction provides an optimal solution for weaning of infant fish larvae or fish juveniles from wild fishery. Lucky Star Mash feed can be fed standalone or as a supplementary co-feed with bait fish to induce feeding rate and fasten the weaning process.

Lucky Star Mash feed is also suitable to prepare as a moist feed which is characterized in high viscosity and optimal stability to minimize nutritional leach. The feed is highly attractive to induce feeding under low water temperature and can be used in sea cages to supplement additional formulated nutrition which are insufficient in bait fish.

Lucky Star Mash feed provides an effective solution for customers to incorporate the preferred additives. Mixing and processing procedures are very user-friendly. Lucky Star Mash feed is applicable to extensive marine fish species. More information is available for collection from our local representative or authorized dealers.