Japonicus shrimp feed

Lucky Star dedicates 20+ years experience in the R&D of a speciality feed for Japonicus shrimp culture. Through continuous nutritional studies and practical tests based on Japanese cultural conditions the feed successfully meet the growth requirement in Japanese market.

Lucky Star Japonicus shrimp feed is very attractive to temperate penaeid shrimp and promote feeding rate under low water temperature. The feed contains key nutrition to accelerate growth while fasten molting recovery to reduce cannibalism and loss of stocks. The fast sinking extruded feed leverages the mechanical benefit to perform excellent feed stability. The extrusion process maximizes natural starch gelatinization and do not include artificial binder. Feed nutrition are well protected while reducing water exchange and restrain toxic gases development.

Product Benefits

  • Highly attractive especially under low water temperature. Record suggests Penaeid Japonicus consume >1% biomass daily under 16 C
  • Naturally pure marine based ingredients. Do not contain land animal, avian and mammal proteins.
  • Optimal protein source for digestion and improved growth, survival and feed conversion ratio
  • Absence of artificial binder without compensating feed retention
  • Rich in Vitamin and micro nutrients to improve tolerance against pathogenic or climatic fluctuation stress
  • Contain highly digestive protein to effectively convert into growth factor

Penaeid shrimp species. P. Japonicus, P. Monodon, L. Vannamei

More nutritional spec and feeding suggestion may be updated regularly and are available for collection via email or contact your nearest dealer or sales representative