Lobster Feed

Lucky Star Lobster Feed is a revolutionary complete formulated diet aim to replace trash fish that is commonly used for tropical rock lobster culture. The feed is proven highly attractive to lobsters such as Panulirus ornatus and Panulirus homarus and provides a hygienic solution. The Lobster Feed is:

  • Exclusively developed attractant from marine base to improve attraction and feeding rate of formulated feed (proven feeding rate of 100-700g lobsters consume 3-5% daily)
  • Is highly stable to maintain water quality
  • Optimal mineral and nutritional contents for successful growth, molting and recovery
  • Significantly improve FCR than trash fish feeding that contains high moisture
  • Highly bio-secure and prevent bacterial infection through trash fish and minimize risk of milky disease

More Information

More nutritional spec and feeding suggestion may be updated regularly and are available for collection via email or contact your nearest dealer or sales representative.