Shrimp Flake

Lucky Star shrimp flake contains high marine proteins for successful shrimp larval rearing. The shrimp flake is water stable to reduce nutrition leach for easier water quality management. The product is highly attractive to shrimp larvae and juveniles. Lucky Star shrimp flake is formulated to boost growth and contain natural additives to promote pigmentation of shrimp fries.


Unique flake manufacturing techniques

Lucky Star shrimp flake is manufactured under low processing temperature to preserve natural attraction of high quality fish meal. The raw materials are carefully selected to provide key nutrition to produce high quality post larvae.


Extensive applicable in different type hatcheries

flake_frame02Lucky Star shrimp flake is available in crushed and pieced satisfying both hatcheries that operate turbid water or clear water. Crushed flake is commonly preferred by turbid water hatcheries for its minimum residuals when rinsed through fine mesh. Pieced flake is uncrushed to feed directly in clear water type hatcheries tanks and is known of its better stability.

More nutritional spec and feeding suggestion may be updated regularly and are available for collection via email or contact your nearest dealer or sales representative