Broodstock Condition

Broodstock Condition is developed to contain superior nutrition for the domesticated adult shrimp broodstocks. The feed is highly attractive to accelerate growth and condition the health of the selected animals. The feed is suitable to replace live feeds or regular black tiger prawn feed in pre-ablation stage. 

Broodstock Condition feed is highly water stable which effectively preserve feed nutrition and maintain water quality.

Domesticated animals are valuable stocks and thus keeping high survival is critical. Broodstock Condition feed contains premium nutrition to induce immunity and improve stress tolerance. The selected animals have been proven in significant growth and 95%+ survival in the stress challenge test.


Feed Broodstock Condition to the selected adult shrimp from 10-20 g as to regular pellet feeding. Feed at least 4 rations per day and to satiation (approx. 3-6% of total shrimp biomass; rearing condition dependent) until 30 days before ablation. Each feeding should be consumed within 3 hours. Recommend to feed Broodstock Maturation 30 days before ablation



Graph remarks

  • Weight gain of approx. 20g/ind in 60 days culture cycle from ABW 20g
  • Trial carried out in a 25m2 concrete tank, total population of 1050 pcs; stocking density of 42pc/m2 or 70 pc/m3
  • water temperature of the trial is controlled at 29~32℃
  • animals were fed 3.0~3.5% daily of total biomass