Broodstock Maturation feed aims to induce broodstock maturation and replace conventional fresh food in the pre-ablation stage. The feed brings critical nutrition to improve hatching rate, larval quality and health. Broodstock Maturation is highly attractive to be used as standalone or supplementary diet and has the following benefits:

  • replace live/raw food and lower production cost
  • bio secure to maintain survival of stocks
  • stimulate ovary development of female shrimp broodstock and prolong peak production cycle in post ablation
  • improve egg quality and increase nauplii hatch rate in post ablation



Recommend to feed Broodstock Maturation to the selected broodstocks one month prior to eye-stalk ablation as the stand-alone feed without live feed supplements. Depending on the desired performance Broodstock Maturation can be used as full replacement or partial replacement of polychaetes in post ablation.

More precise feeding suggestion is available for collection via email or contact your nearest dealer or sales representative