Larval Plus

Shrimp Larval Feed

Larval Plus is exclusively engineered to contain complex nutrition to develop healthy and unique reddish pigmentation to benchmark high quality larvae. Summarized product benefits are as follows:

  • High quality and digestive marine based ingredients that can effectively convert into growth factor leading reduced production cycle and cost
  • Rich in vitamin compound and micro nutrients to maintain high survival
  • Effectively replace artemia without compensating larval quality
  • High in natural anti-oxidant to induce cell development leading better growth and survival
  • Dustless and very water stable
  • Very uniform particles and user friendly
  • Fasten molting recovery to reduce cannibalism and loss



Penaeid shrimp species. P. Japonicus, P. Monodon, L. Vannamei, and macrobrachium rosenbergii.

More Information

More nutritional spec and feeding suggestion may be updated regularly and are available for collection via email or contact your nearest dealer or sales representative.