Micro Elite

Shrimp Larval Feedmicroelite_pdtphoto

 High suspension and dispersion pre-weaning diet

 Micro Eliteis processed by State-of-the-art engineered micro coating technology result in light density diets. The granules are highly suspended and distributed evenly in water column to maximize feed availability in early larval rearing. Micro Eliteis developed by extensive nutritional research needed by newly hatched Penaeid shrimp larvae to accelerate growth and maintain survival.



Micro Coating Technology

The processing technology delicately regulates the particle structure to perform almost buoyant that mimics the activities of live planktons meeting the feeding behavior of newly hatched shrimp larvae. The coated membrane prevents nutritional leach and improve stability. The soft texture is highly digestive converting formulated nutrition into highly utilizable growth factors.

Micro Elite™ is low temperature processed to minimize protein damage and denature of nutrition that are abundant in original ingredients.


Excellent Nutrition

Micro Elitecontains high level of Omega n-3 Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acid (HUFA) and purely marine based protein comprising natural amino acid profiles to promote growth, survival and reduce deformities. Micro Eliteeffectively replaces planktons to facilitate intensive culture less labor intensive and more sustainable production. The highly digestive protein, peptides and cholesterol improve growth rate and fasten recovery during molts to reduce mortality and mortality.



Feed trial is based on Penaeid Monodon and 3 replicates per Group.Initial stocking density is 100 naup per liter in 100 liter aquarium tank.Larvae are harvested at PL12.Final average survival of Lucky Star is 41.70% compare to 30.60% using competitor diet

Feed trial is based on L.Vannamei and 3 replicates per treatment.Initial stocking density is 300 naup per liter in 30 metric ton commercial hatchery tank.Larvae are harvested t at PL6 to calculate average survival and measure larval length

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Micro Elite™ 50/100/200 are suitable for Penaeid shrimp species. P. Japonicus, P. Monodon, L. Vannamei, and macrobrachium rosenbergii.
Highly water column suspended Micro Elite™ 200/300/500 is an effective artemia replacer or supplementary diet for Scampi (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) larval rearing

More nutritional spec and feeding suggestion may be updated regularly and are available for collection via email or contact your nearest dealer or sales representative.