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Aquaculture Feed

Lucky Star adopts the latest available processing technology and constantly dedicate in research of feed nutrition and animal health to supply comprehensive product lines from hatchery larvae to adult fish/shrimp.

Lucky Star extensively explore high quality material and additives that are proven with optimal quality and performance tested in highly specialized institutes, Lucky Star research sites or commercial farms.

Research and Development

Lucky Star is enthusiastic to develop products that yield the highest value or to serve speciality needs. Lucky Star welcomes extensive areas of enquiries to
develop new products that are not available in current market. We strive to provide the best possible after sale service and continue to review our products and services by establishing vast communication with our international sales network and customers.

News and Events

In order to approach more of our potential customers, Lucky Star is opening up a new contact point in Singapore in 2019.

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Product in Focus

features that acquires most customer acknowledgment

Initial™ S fish larval feed

Initial™ S fish larval feed is a nutritionally enhanced, immunostimulant and attractant rich, weaning diet processed by state-of-the-art granulation coating technology.

Shrimp Hatchery Feed

Larval Plus shrimp larval feed contains premium formula developed for P. Japonicus and ideal for intensive P. Monodon and L. Vannamei shrimp larval rearing